Pioneer Tap Room offers 18 beers on tap in its Suisun Valley tasting room, which includes brews from its own Pioneer label and other locally-owned breweries. Pioneer also serves wine, cider and food. Board games are available for guests to play.  We welcome all ages at the taproom.


It’s a Family Affair at the Pioneer Tap Room!  That’s why you’ll see members of the Powell Family always hurrying around the building, making sure everything is just right for all of our guest and making sure everyone is comfortable and well taken care of.

Tony Powell

Founder & Brew Master

Tiffanie Powell

General Manager

Walter Gordon

Head of Recipes

Beer Cheer


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Vino Godfather Wines


The food at the Pioneer Tap Room is rooted in the use of locally sourced fresh ingredients.  Fresh locally sourced ingredients are becoming mainstream as people become more health-conscious, aware of what kind of food they are putting into their bodies and how the production of that food is impacting the environment around them.  Fresh ingredients in cooking bring all sorts of nutritional benefits to a dish. Consumer education is bringing freshness back & we think food prepared with fresh ingredients just taste so much better!


Solano County is known for having a rich, diverse and lively music scene, with its many local artists and bands covering numerous genres, from easy listening, folk, rock to jazz. The Pioneer Tap Room’s Outdoor Stage is one of the best places in Fairfield to sit back, relax, enjoy a Great Brew, listen to live music and discover the local music talent in this vibrant city!


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